Calin, Raul And Tiger Barebacking

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Calin, Raul And Tiger Barebacking
The scene begins with Calvin and Raul, chillen’ on the sofa and talking about sex stuff. Before long they’re kissing and making out, stripping down and getting down to business. Raul enjoys sucking Calvin’s long dick, and just when things start getting good in walks Tiger… to start the party. Tiger goes first, tearing up Raul’s tight little hole bareback. Then its Calvin’s turn to pound the boy some more while Tiger slaps his cock on Raul’s face. While Raul rides Calvin’s dick, Tiger blows his load on Calvin’s face, Calvin busts in Raul’s ass and a good time was had by all.
Studio: CJXXX


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Calin, Raul And Tiger Barebacking



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