Cedric And Ferdinan

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Cedric And Ferdinan
Cedric has a thing for older men, and has fantasized about having sex with a priest. So, when he brings Ferdinan his luggage he’s delighted to discover the mature priest wants a piece of his young Latin ass. A well-placed hand gets things started and soon both are kissing and groping each other. It isn’t long before the two have their pants down and Cedric drops to his knees. Ferdinan enjoys the boy’s lips on his big stiff cock and then kneels to suck the Cedric’s uncut dick. The oral pleasuring continues with daddy bent over for an ass licking, which is followed by Cedric’s stiff raw cock. The boy bareback fucks the priest from behind and we enjoy some good close-ups of the ass lip rolling anal action. One more round of fucking has the mature clergyman legs in the air, as Cedric pounds his hole, balls deep. Finally, Cedric is back on his knees to receive the cum gusher daddy has for his waiting mouth.


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Cedric And Ferdinan



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