Cherry Busting 5

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Cherry Busting 5
Oliver Hruby gets his cherry busted by Petr Zuska. Petr leads him into the room and they sit down for a chat. During the chat about sex. Oliver says that he would probably like to try sex with a guy and that is all Petr needs to know. He starts rubbing Oliver’s leg and then kissing him. Soon Petr has Oliver bare-chested and is kissing the sexy body.

Ondra Black is a great looking newcomer. He gets his cherry busted by Hugo Antonin today. He comes into the room to chat with Hugo who is on the bed. After chatting Hugo stands up and they both get bare-chested, showing off hot bodies. Huge then drops to his knees and opens Ondra’s jeans and pulls out a rock hard cock.

Handsome straight guy Alan Pekny gets his cherry busted today, by the equally handsome str8 and big-dicked Alan Carly. They sit on the bed and chat with Alan C asking lots of questions and leading the conversation on to the subject of guy-guy sex.

Studio: William Higgins
Cherry Busting
Director: William Higgins


Excerpt from:
Cherry Busting 5



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