Christian Matthews The Best Of

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Christian Matthews The Best Of
Ray Diesel and Christian Matthews – Ray Diesel doesn’t waste time when it comes to taking what he wants and what he wants is white hole. In Christian Matthews, Ray’s found the perfect bottom whore to stuff his raw cock into. After sucking Christian’s cock, Ray opens him up with that long, thick piece of juicy black meat, bareback fucking the tattooed slut pig.

Geoff Gregorio and Christian Matthews – Christian Matthews might make a great bottom but he’s just as good topping! Just ask hung and bearded Geoff Gregorio. The slender otter, clad in a sexy blue jockstrap, worships Christian’s cock before giving up his ass for a good rim and tongue fuck.

Steve Sommers and Christian Matthews – When it comes to piggy sex, no one handles it better than Christian Matthews and Steve Sommers. They’re man whores, and that’s just how we like ’em. The sex pigs are perfectly matched, whether sucking dick, rimming hungry hairy ass or barebacking holes. After making out, each takes his turn slobbering over big fat tools.

Dusty Williams and Christian Matthews – These two couldn’t keep their hands off each other even though we hadn’t given them the green light. They were so hungry for cock they started sucking right away. Christian and Dusty briefly trade blowjobs before making a meal out of the other’s hole. The hairy fuckers rim each other long enough to apply the right amount of spit for lube.

Alex Hawk and Christian Matthews – For Christian Matthews, there’s nothing like a game of pool to help put him at ease. Maybe it’s the thrill of stiff competition, in the form of Alex Hawk, who ups the ante with a Winner-Take-All attitude. Most times, there’s a clear winner and loser but in this particular game — with hard wood and sinking big balls into dark, willing holes — both are winners. Tattooed and pierced Christian bareback fucks the hell out of power bottom Alex, pounding him hard and deep, drilling away until they each let out some much needed release!


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Christian Matthews The Best Of



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