Chy Kyd And Rick Riley

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Chy Kyd And Rick Riley
Chy Kyd is chilling and laying around after getting back from the club with some friends. He is a little buzzed and gets an annoying phone call from one of his homeboys. Seems like he is not in the mood for the drama that he is hearing so he hangs up the phone and tosses it to the side. He takes another drink and passes out. Looks like he had a lot on his mind, because he goes and have the most intense dream. A masked man (Rick Riley) comes into his dreams and helps him let off a little stress. Chy Kyd starts to suck on this masked man in his dream and to him it feels so real. I wonder if this dream is going to have a happy ending.
Director: Rock Rockafella
Starring:Chy Kyd
Rick Riley


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Chy Kyd And Rick Riley



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