Cisco’s First Time

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Cisco's First Time
21 year old Cisco had a post on a site wanting to do adult work…straight adult work. His post said he was 6’5 and that intrigued Mark Gemini so he called him. Cisco responded immediately and they met 2 days later; man, was Cisco anxious! And yes, he is 6’5 but in his interview, we learn a lot more. The story of how he lost his virginity is great but we want to see him naked. Mark directs him through his first on camera strip and results are sexy as fuck! He’s not very hairy, but what he has is natural; no trimming or shaving for Cisco! He also isn’t butt shy as he spreads his virgin cheeks to reveal his perfect virgin pink hole. He is eager to get off, so Mark gets him comfortable on a soft shaggy rug and he gets his cock hard watching a video. He jacks his dick and we get to see the impressive weapon before he shoots to so hard he hits his own face! Bet Cisco never thought he’d have cum on his face….
Studio: Gemini Studios
Director: Mark Gemini


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Cisco’s First Time



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