Cisco’s Zucchini Fuck

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Cisco's Zucchini Fuck
This is 21 year old Cisco’s second adult video shoot and he really brings his A game. But as an anal virgin, he doesn’t have a clue what to do. Enter Mark Gemini who has guided hundreds of men through their first butt play to ecstasy. Mark tells Cisco how to insure a clean shoot and to that end, Cisco performs his very first clean-out, or enema. After we watch him take what seems to be gallons of water (well, he is 6’5”) Cisco is ready to play. He gets his dick hard and begins to finger his butt. His cock stays firm even as Mark fingers him, so he inserts a small butt plug. It really is small, so he goes to a silver vibrating bullet that is flared to remain in place.

Cisco and Mark take turns working the toys and Cisco strains to get a large red butt plug “where the sun don’t shine!” After he stands up to get a different feeling with the plug, he exchanges the latex plug for a heavier glass plug. It’s crazy because the glass plug allows us to actually look up his butt hole and see just how dilated it is! Inquiring minds what to know….

In a long standing Gemini tradition, Cisco fucks his ass with a beer bottle taking it until the neck disappears. And his cock is s till hard! After the bottle, what else can be next but the zucchini? Yes, a real fresh from the farm zucchini serves as a green, natural phallus. Cisco finds it quite pleasing as its shape allows it to stay in place so he can use 2 hands to jack off. He shoots streams of thick white cum up his belly to his chest and Mark gets him to scoop some up on his finger and eat it! He takes a long restorative shower and we watch as the hot water runs down his 6’5 body and into every nook and hairy cranny.

This video is just full of firsts! It sure will be interesting what he does in his next video…

Studio: Gemini Studios
Director: Mark Gemini


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Cisco’s Zucchini Fuck



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