Club Amateur USA 11: Boris And Sean

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Club Amateur USA 11: Boris And Sean
Boris was introduced to us via his girlfriend, Natasha. She responded to our local classified for female models and asked if she could bring him along. Boris & Natasha are a young, Goth couple who are fun to be around. They really have lots of love for each other, and are both exploring their sexuality within the context of the relationship. When Boris showed up with Natasha, Val & I knew that we wanted to work with the both of them (and you can see why from their video with Vlad). Natasha was standing over Boris’ shoulder while he filled out our model application. The app is pretty detailed & graphic as far as asking what the guy is willing to do on video (e.g., you and another guy give each other hand jobs / you receive a blowjob from another guy / you give a blowjob to another guy / you fuck another guy / another guy fucks you / sex toys used on you, etc.) So, the two of them decided that Boris would be comfortable with reciprocal oral. More exploring on his part… Flash forward a couple of days to this video shoot, and notice that there’s a lot more goin’ on down there than I had anticipated… WOO of the HOOs! Enjoy! Today, we present Sean’s first video shoot with CAUSA. This was his first foray into adult, amateur films, so he wasn’t quite sure what to expect. What we gleaned from our interview with Sean, is that he enjoys sex — as much as possible, and he’s thoroughly into group scenes. Wow… big bonus for us. As you may have seen from Sean’s prior videos on CAUSA, he’s a lot of fun to be around and work with. His enthusiasm for sex is definitely apparent – as is his sense of humor in what can be a challenging situation (lights, cameras, expectations. With a sexy look & disposition and a yummy unit, Sean’s toy / massage video played out quite nicely. It’s always great when the guys can forego focusing on the porn playing in the background, and just get into themselves and the eroticism of the moment. As you will see, Sean did so very well… Enjoy!
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Club Amateur USA 11: Boris And Sean



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