College Boy Physicals – Nurse Rage & Marlin

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The nurse at College Boy Physicals says,

I was a bit nervous seeing my first patient. Dr.Phingerfuk told me there is a patient in the exam room with an ADHD issue and that I should check him out. I just got out of school with my Nursing degree and I also have my degree in Physical Therapy and this is my first patient and my first day here in this clinic. I wasn’t sure what to do when I entered the exam room but I was prepared to deal with my very first patient for the day. I was taught in school to always introduce myself to the patient so I just followed what I learned over the years of going to nursing school. (MORE)


My patients name is Marlin. He was kind of cute. I had his chart in front of me so I had his records and he explained to me that he has ADHD and has issue’s focusing and keeping his mind on certain tasks. I figured I would start by giving him a simple exam to make sure he is healthy. I asked him to remove his shirt so I can listen to his heart rate and had him breath in & out while I listen to his heart and lungs. I was getting comfortable examining him and I was getting kind of turned on once he took off his shirt. I was keeping my composure while I was checking his heart and taking his blood pressure. After I took his weight, it was time to feel around his abdomen and feel around his pubic area. When I felt his pubic area, I brushed my hands around the base of his cock and I had a feeling this boy was packing. I kept on doing the exam thinking how I can get his number or ask him out on a date and I had some trouble focusing when I asked him to remove his undies and I actually got to see his penis. (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals – Nurse Rage & Marlin



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