Cory Heiss and Wes Roberts

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College roommates Cory and Wes are mucking around in their dorm room when Wes picks up the episode camera and films blond twink Cory during an impromptu strip tease. Wes can’t ignore the stirring in his own pants as he watches his blond room mate strip off and show his slender and toned body – and Wes is positively blazingly erect as Cory pulls off his pants and shows his long, pale shlong! Putting the camera down on the bed side to record all the hot action, the dudes get down to some serious cocksucking; then Cory sticks his ass up in the air while he buries his face in the mattress, allowing Wes to enter him in his tight rear end.


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Cory Heiss and Wes Roberts



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