Couch Throat

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Couch Throat
Ever have one of those days where you need multiple dicks a day? I was hanging out in the burbs visiting some friends and, I got hit up on grindr by one of those no face or pic DL dudes. But, I was pretty horny so I thought WTF and I answered. Turns out after talking he knows who I am and suggest we record it as long as we could be discreet. He said he had busted so many nuts to watching me suck dick, and he wanted to see his serviced too! Now, this dude had a super thick redneck accent so most of the time I had no idea what the fuck he was saying. But, I was completely enjoying him fucking my throat it didn’t matter! So, I met him in his back yard in the shed and got straight to work! To my surprise I wasn’t disappointed. He fed me dick and left in such a hurry I never got to nut. Which lead me to some midnight raw caramel dick!
Director: Rogan Hardy
Starring:Rogan Hardy


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Couch Throat



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