Creampied Convicts

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Creampied Convicts
When most people think of convicts, they think of grizzled 50 year olds with grey hair and a worn out look. In fact, there’s a ton of convicts who are young and still worth banging. The reason? They slide through their teen years wreaking havoc on the community and just getting slaps on the wrist; then they turn 18 and they find out that adults in our society suffer very real consequences when they break the law. Many a resident in our Halfway House majorly screwed up as a young adult and has spent a few years in the pen. When they are released, they are usually looking for a place to stay (if they aren’t court ordered to us). Fresh out of prison, they are already used to being in an all male environment, and they usually have some skills at sucking dick or taking dick. Regardless of their prior experience though, our House Managers make it a point to get them all the cock and jizz they deserve upon their arrival. These convicts are quickly adopted as our bareback bitches, and they get seeded good and deep.
Director: Shane Aaron


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Creampied Convicts



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