Cum 4 Me 2

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Cum 4 Me 2
Tyler really wants to be a porn star and doesn’t care if it’s gay or straight. You all know what Mark was thinking! Tyler’s interview is very interesting but, things get even more so when he stands up to strip. Mark directs him and tells him to take his clothes off and makes sure we see all the good parts of himself! He loves playing with his cock, but is also interested in trying some toys. Of course Mark agrees. A couple of toys later, Tyler, with a big red butt plug deep in his ass, shoots a mega-load! We watch as he takes a long hot shower to recoup!

Second in this movie is a scene with Luis. He is a 23 year old straight guy from Puerto Rico. His interview is insightful and revealing about his past, and his absence from his home island. He is very athletic and hangs from the chains in the ceiling and does a flip! Mark thinks everything is more interesting naked, and when you see him do the same thing nude, you will agree! His body is lean and tight and, he’s just starting to develop body hair. His ass is virgin (and, unfortunately, stays that way). He agreed to try some toys in his next shoot, but his evil wife interfered. What a damn bitch! But, at least we get to see him hard and jacking off. Man, is his cum thick! Of course he takes a shower to wash the sweat and jizz off. In short, watch Luis in this scene and look forward to the end!

Studio: Gemini Studios
Director: Mark Gemini


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Cum 4 Me 2



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