Cum Starved And California Creamin

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Cum Starved And California Creamin
A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining other deviants in San Fransisco for the Folsom Street Fair and had a fucking blast! I knew I was getting into town early so I made it my goal to reconnect with some familiar faces before all the the main festivities. A few days before flying out I hit up my buddy Leon, who’s a SF local, just to make sure that he was around because I cannot tell you how much I love his sex. I swear his sex is magical. Originally I was planning on him fucking me, but when we started fooling around his hole kinda got greedy and kept eating my dick so I had to eventually just submit to his hole. He’s the kind of lay that you never know if you’ve given them enough because they just love taking dick and enough is just never enough. And every time my raw, wet cock came out of his used hole, he’d slam it down his throat without hesitation just to make sure he got every drop of precum possible. Even after creamin’ up his ass he licked my cock clean to ensure he got all my DNA in him. Leon is truly the living example of the expression, waste not, want not.

How a hetero guy wakes up one day and all of the sudden starts to think, “I really want to know what a guy’s load up my ass feels like,” is beyond me, but damn am I glad it happens! I forget where this scrappy youngin flew in from, but its somewhere in the middle of the country, I can tell you that. He was having a blast all week sitting on dicks, but sadly everyone pulled out when they nutted. So being the good samaritan I am, I told him I would bust deep inside him if he let me film it. I know, I know, I love seeing cum being shoved into a hole as much as the next pig, but that glazed satisfied look on his face after I filled him up was just as satisfying. Especially knowing that he was going to be holding in my soldiers for as long as possible. Yay for future piggies!

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Cum Starved And California Creamin



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