Czech Up 26

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Czech Up 26
Sexy str8 guy Karel Omanak is due for his annual check up, so he attends Dr Nikol Monak’s clinic. Nikol, a very handsome str8 doctor has some questions to ask before he examines Karel. Karel takes off his tee shirt and sits on the exam table so that Nikol can listen to his chest. Then Nikol feels Karel’s neck and checks his eyes. Karel hops off the table and bends over for Nikol to feel his back. He seems to find something that needs further examination. A more thorough exam must be carried out.

We have a wonderful Czech Up with two very sexy str8 guys Miro Dalek and Filip Onalek. Miro is the doctor who is visited by Filip. Filip has come to have his wrist checked to see how it is recovering from an injury. Miro removes the bandage and checks the wrist which seems to be fine now. Being thorough he asks if Fiip has any other problems. It seems that Filip has a sore shoulder, so he removes his tee shirt for Miro to check it out. Miro decides to massage the shoulder and tells Filip to lay on the table. He begins to massage the injured shoulder and works all over the back too. He removes Filip’s underwear, exposing a very sexy ass. Miro’s hands work all over the back and ass and he leans down to gently kiss Filip’s back and onto his neck too. He leans over further and kisses Filip on the mouth as well. Then Miro removes his own tee shirt and opens his pants and a more thorough exam begins, for a complete Czech up.

Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins


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Czech Up 26



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