Da Boyz From Ahhzz 2

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Da Boyz From Ahhzz   2
East Harlem Productions presents Da Boyz From Ahhzz 2, the second installment of the hottest, hardest, toughest sex you can imagine. They bring you the ache of pleasure in every sense of the word. Sucking dick and f’king is just the natural thing for these guys to do, it’s just a way of life for these hard boyz. Eat or be eaten, and that’s not a bad thing. Watch as these guys bang the shit out of each others and suck their way to the top. These guys give a new meaning to the phrase “I’ll hit you up later!” Sex at it’s best, and it’s all here for you to take in and enjoy. The Da Boyz From Ahhzz 2 are waiting just for you, are you ready? They are!


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Da Boyz From Ahhzz 2



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