Daddy Cum For Alex

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Daddy Cum For Alex
It’s been a few years since the first time I fucked this sexy Asian gay boy. And being that I like Alex so much, I wanted to invite him back for another round of bareback fucking. I love tickling this cute Pinoy boy because he’s so ticklish, and his laughter turns me on. So I did spend a minute or two with my fetish on him. When he wrapped his mouth around my cock I made sure I fucked his face real good, then I had to have some ass play with him. A little bit of finger fucking and ass rimming got me right in the mood for bareback fucking. I fucked Alex every which way and made him shoot his cum while I pounded his ass hard. That induced my orgasm and I released my load on his abs to mingle with his cum.
Daddy Cum For
Starring:Daddy Mike


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Daddy Cum For Alex



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