Daemon Kash And Sir Stackz

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Daemon Kash And Sir Stackz
Sir Stackz and Daemon Kash meet up in downtown St. Louis finally. They have been wanting to work together for a while, so Rock got them together and they set it off. No time was wasted when these two got together. Soon as Daemon Kash started sucking that big dick of Sir Stackz he knew that he had that good head. Daemon worked Sir Stackz dick till it was nice and hard. Stackz was definitely loving his first porn shoot. He started to give a tongue lashing to that dark chocolate ass of Daemon Kash. This is something that Daemon had been wanting and needing for a long time. Some good St. Louis dick. Stackz worked Daemons ass real good and it shows. Don’t want to spoil the rest so check out these two in action and watch that hot money shot, don’t wanna miss that for nothing.
Director: Rock Rockafella


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Daemon Kash And Sir Stackz



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