Daisy, Chubbs And Eli Get Laid

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Daisy, Chubbs And Eli Get Laid
Daisy, Eli & Chubbs are trying to figure out what to do for the night. Daisy gets up to turn off the TV and when she bends over, she gives the boys a peek at her panties under her short skirt. Chubbs gets up to give her a hand and when Eli sees that Chubbs gave Daisy a couple of fingers along with his hand, he’s up and in the middle of the action before Chubbs can get any further.

Daisy loves the attention she’s getting in the middle of the two guys as they take turns fingering her and playing with her tits. Chubbs is the first to get into Daisy’s panties and once he gets them off starts eating her out while Eli get her out of her bra. Once Daisy is completely naked, she can’t wait to get on her knees to service her two best buds.

Daisy unbuckles Chubbs’ pants first and his hard dick pops out ready for some action. Daisy gets to work slurping on his dick and Eli gets out of his clothes to put his dick in on the action. Daisy takes turns with the two dicks as the boys high five.

Daisy asks which of the guys wants to fuck her first; Eli raises his hand and wins first dibs. Daisy bends over to suck more of Chubbs’ dick while Eli eats more of her pussy. She turns around, puts Eli’s condom on with her mouth, then assumes the doggy position so she can get spit roasted with one cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. The site and experience of it all makes Chubbs blow his first load. He tells Daisy it’s pre-cum and she buys the story with a giggle and a squeal. Blowing the load doesn’t slow Chubbs down though. He gets back in the saddle and takes his turn with fucking Daisy, pounding away from behind making her scream.

They aren’t done yet though, but you will have to keep watching to find what else happens.


Daisy, Chubbs And Eli Get Laid



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