Dalton And Dylan

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Dalton And Dylan
Sexy skater boys Dalton and Dylan are chilling at home. The subject comes up about tattoos… and these boys have plenty between them, including piercings… so they naturally want to compare. When Dalton’s shirt comes off, Dylan goes crazy and shoves his hand down his buddy’s pants and starts massaging his cock. Once it pops out, Dylan takes it into his mouth and starts sucking it which Dalton loves. Then they switch, and it’s Dalton’s turn to swallow Dylan’s hard dick, and Dylan starts getting aggressive, face-fucking his buddy, gagging and choking him. Dalton begs for Dylan’s cock to fuck him, and it soon happens. Dylan power-fucks his friend in position after position until both boys shoot their hot loads.
Studio: CJXXX


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Dalton And Dylan



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