Dalton Hawg And Santi Vidal

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Dalton Hawg And Santi Vidal
Sweaty naked, bearded men in a room. A dom looking for a sub, and a sub looking for a dom, Dalton Hawg and Santi Vidal are pieces waiting to be linked together.

When the two bearded tattooed men get together, they start making out immediately, rubbing their big bulges in their jockstraps (their beards brushing together as they kiss). Dalton takes the dom role, leading the way, and Santi, the sub, all ready to be commanded and obey, with his “pup” chain around his neck. Dalton pats Santi’s big balls in his jock, before unwrapping the big thick package and tugging on his cock. Dalton then has Santi turn around for him, and show his firm, round, tattooed ass. (“I want to see your ass, boy,” says Dalton. “Yes, sir,” Santi responds eagerly.)

Dalton smacks Santi’s muscled bubble butt before licking and eating it like a hog. Santi groans, his muscles in his back and tattoos rippling. After a good ass eating and fingering, Santi’s hole is ready for Dalton’s cock (Santi seizes the opportunity to suck on his Dom’s cock and balls first). Dalton continues smacking Santi’s ass with his thick and wet dick, before pushing it in and plowing him.

Dalton fucks Santi hard, his muscles bulging the more he fucks him, Santi arching his back like a good boy, until he cums and breeds him, leaving his nice creamy white fertile seed, dripping from his hole. (“Thank you, sir,” Santi moans in approval.) But Dalton isn’t done with his boy yet. Having already bred him once, Dalton flips Santi over on his back and fucks him again, until Santi cums, shooting his load all over his hairy belly.

The two beasts kiss hungrily, growling, as their hairy, sweaty bodies and cum rub all over each other.


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Dalton Hawg And Santi Vidal



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