Day Into Night

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Day Into Night
A wet, hairy mass of muscle dripping from water warmed by the sun. A tight, toned body basking in the moonlight. It doesn’t matter when TitanMen exclusives Hunter Marx and Dario Beck get in the mood—from Day Into Night, they wear it well. Rising from the water as his wet, muscular body glistens, hard Hunter Marx spots a stroking Rogan Richards—and quickly gives him another cock to play with. A passionate kiss between hairy Alessio Romero and Ray Nicks escalates with another oral exchange, their two bodies shaking as Nicks then takes it deep. Nighttime heats up on the balcony when Dario Beck is joined by smooth Alex Graham, who slides his big dick inside Dario after their hard swordplay.
Studio: Titan Media
Director: Paul Wilde


Excerpt from:
Day Into Night



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