Derek Parker’s Socks And Feet Worshiped

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Derek Parker's Socks And Feet Worshiped
This is more of a dress socks worship scene, but does have foot worship in it too. Derek Parker and Adam Bryant kick back on the bed after a long day of work when Derek brings up a conversation he and Adam had had about him wanting to suck on his girlfriend’s toes but her not letting him. Adam gets his chance to worship a hot pair of feet here, those belonging to Derek of course. Adam didn’t really have worshiping a man’s feet in mind, but by the time he had his face in Derek’s smelly dress socks he was soon loving man feet. Adam sniffed, sucked and even nibbled on Derek’s socked feet and toes before stripping his socks off. Derek soon had his big cock out to stroke as Adam worshiped his fantastically masculine feet. As we would expect, Derek shot a blissful load of cum while Adam worshiped his tasty feet!


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Derek Parker’s Socks And Feet Worshiped



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