Dirk Adams and Dareone Black

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When Dirk comes in Dareone is already primed with a nice hard on. So, with very little small talk Dareone begins to strip off Dirk’s clothes, blowing and licking all the way down to his massive erection. Now on his knees, Dareone sucks Dirk’s stiff pecker until his balls leak precum. Dirk requires penetration, so he places the head of his rigid shlong against Dareone’s butt hole, and gives it a shove. His wang is wet with spit and slides in until their balls touch. He hammers that tight booty until his prick erupts and empties his ball jizz all over Dareone’s rigid penis as Dareone strokes his own stick to completion.


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Dirk Adams and Dareone Black



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