Dirty Dicking: Ed Harding Fucks Brad Stone

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Dirty Dicking: Ed Harding Fucks Brad Stone
Starting in the shower, Ed Harding and his friend Brad Stone clean up after a day of hard chores. Both guys have equally matched great bodies, and they have a lot of things in common. They’ve shared clothes, food, and girls. Today, they share a real sexual experience for the first time together. And we got it all on film for you to enjoy!
These hunk buddies are so carefree with each other that it’s fun to watch them as they try new “stuff” with each other… things their girlfriends would never expect them to do together. And frankly, neither did we! Ed eagerly gets into stroking Brad, and he quickly returns the favor. Next, Ed sucks on Brad’s thickening dick and they reverse rolls. Finally, Ed bends Brad over and pushes it on in, humping away in full lust-mode!
Ed decides he wants to try getting fucked so, lubed up, he eases himself onto Brad’s boner. The look on Ed’s face is worth the whole movie! After a couple of tries, he’s in agony when he comments to Brad, “How do you DO it?! That really hurts, dude!” They reverse and Ed plows into Brad like a locomotive into a warm flesh tunnel. Suddenly Brad announces he’s ready to pop and, just as quickly Ed yanks his out of Brad, where he’s already started to cum in his latex wrapper, then finishes on Brads belly. Another shower to clean up and brag about sex with women. Listen to what Ed’s girl like to do to him! Who knew?!

Dirty Dicking
Director: Uncle Paul


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Dirty Dicking: Ed Harding Fucks Brad Stone



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