Donny And Daemon

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Donny And Daemon
Daemon Sadi has had a hard day at work and comes home to take his frustrations out on Donny Ray’s ass. Donnie is more than happy to relieve Daddy of his stress. He starts by removing his suit jacket and giving Daddy Daemon a shoulder massage. Soon Donny’s hands are on Daddy’s hard cock so he lets it out of the dress slacks and takes his monster cock into his mouth. Daddy is pleased and face fucks little Donny, until he is choking. Once the boy’s face is slobbering enough to coat his huge cock Daemon turns the boy over and rams it up Donny’s asshole. There is no stopping Daddy Daemon who barebacks his bottom boy nonstop. When Daddy’s balls can’t hold back he shoots a gusher of cum, which soaks the boy from shoulder to asshole. Then Daddy takes Donny in his arms and helps him unleash his own warm seed.


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Donny And Daemon



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