Don’t Pull Out

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Don't Pull Out
Keymon and AJ meet up via Uber. They start foreplay in the Uber until they arrive to the hotel where AJ fucks Keymon. After they fuck AJ gives the room to fun-size. After a brief game of catch, AJ and Euro get tired and decide to take it in. It starts by AJ getting some head. He then eat Euro’s ass for awhile before he fucks him in different positions flat, doggie, missionary. Euro then nuts on Aj’s dick. He uses the jizz as lube until he strokes out his nut onto Euro’s hole and puts his dick back in, “creampie style”.

Euro and Deon had met earlier at a Pride Event. After spending most of the day together walking to the different venues Deon decided that he was tired of waiting for some of Euro’s dick. They head back to the room to get that much needed 1-1 time together. Once in the room Euro wastes no time by putting Deon on his knees and making him suck that dick. They fuck in various positions until they both nut from each other’s pleasures.

Trinidad Papi decides that he wants some ass from a bottom who can take his massive dick. Papi reaches out to Jay Fierce online and invited him over to his room. After a brief conversation the two goes at it like it’s the last time they’ll ever bust.

Jaydoe was offered a room from his homeboy AJ King. He knew this was his only time to hook-up with Syncere. Jaydoe wastes no time sucking that pipe on Syncere. Syncere returns the favor by sliding his tongue deep into Jaydoe. They 69 for a while until Jaydoe shows Syncere exactly what he wants to be done to him. Syncere learns quickly and goes to work on Jaydoe. He fucks him in multiple positions until he gets his nut out! The scene ends with Jaydoe jacking until he busts. Jaydoe got what he wanted and is glad that he borrowed the room from AJ.

Studio: Flava Works


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Don’t Pull Out



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