Drew Harden Is Hot Hairy And Hung

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Drew Harden Is Hot Hairy And Hung
Mark Gemini discovered Drew Harden walking down the street without his shirt. Thinking he looked interesting, he stopped and gave him a business card. Drew called later that same day and on the day after this movie was shot. What you see is a guy in his later 20s who never thought about making adult movies jump right into the insanity that is the adult business! Mark eases him in gradually with an interview that quickly turns sexual. Drew has an interesting sex history and he is frank and candid. But then first time stories are always interesting.

After a short break, Mark talks Drew through a strip revealing his fine lean hairy body. He works outdoors and there is no fat on him! To make him relax, Mark shoots him in some different underwear and tops that highlight his sexy tanned body.

In the third part of the video, Drew gets comfortable and Mark directs him into showing us his entire body. We see his melon shaped butt and when he spreads his cheeks, a very pretty little pink hole. Mark then hands him some lube and with a movie on the screen, Drew gets hard immediately and his cock is impressive. It’s well formed, about 7 inches and looks perfect for fucking: not too thick, but long enough to stay in! Drew cums over his hand and on his furry belly and Mark asks him to eat it. He’s come this far, so Drew thinks why not?

A hot shower and we get to see Drew soap up and rinse off. It should be noted that hairy guys always look great wet! But then so do smooth men. Hell, I guess everyone looks hot in the shower!

Studio: Gemini Studios
Director: Mark Gemini


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Drew Harden Is Hot Hairy And Hung



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