Duty Bound 48

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Duty Bound 48
Tomas Fuk and Nikol Monak are in Drakes bar enjoying a drink, at the start of a wonderful Dreamset suggested by Dan. They are soon joined by Hugo Antonin and Martin Polnak. Tomas and Nikol are already hard as they pull Martin’s jeans down and expose his hot ass. The guys keep grabbing, tickling and slapping him. Then Tomas bends forward and sucks on Martin’s dick. Martin is turned, onto his back for more deep, hard, fucking. Nikol is ready to shoot his load and pulls out of Martin’s ass and to dump his hot cum. Then Hugo takes over, he fucks Martin deep too. Soon his cum is ready as well and he shoots it all over Martin’s cock and balls. Tomas is next. His dick pounds Martin’s hole and then pulls out to unload his cum as well. After all that fucking Martin is allowed to wank himself until he too delivers his hot cream.

Nikola Donoval has found himself a very sexy partner in Alan Pekny. We find them as they are getting into some very raunchy sex. Alan is shackled and gagged and wearing just his underwear. Nikola, in only his shorts, starts by feeling all over Alan’s beautiful body. That gets the tight hole ready. He fucks Alan deep and hard and then moves him so that he is lying down, with his legs up, for more hard pounding of cock in ass.

Karel Omanak is one sexy guy and his ass gets a good pounding by Tomas Fuk in this raunchy duo. Karel is hooded and tied in a chair at the start. He is trying to release himself, but to no avail. Tomas has a number of toys available and uses one to give little shocks on Karel’s chest and nipples. He fucks that tight little hole so deep and very hard. He keeps wanking his cock and soon shoots his cum all over his thigh as Tomas keeps banging away at his ass.

Studio: William Higgins
Duty Bound
Director: William Higgins


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Duty Bound 48



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