Duty Bound 50

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Duty Bound 50
Tomas is in a room, with his wrists shackled. He is quickly joined by security guys Martin and Hugo who accuse him of smuggling. Martin checks Tomas’ bag and finds some new clothes, with security tags still on them. Martin likes the look of one shirt and strips off to try it on. He finds another one and Hugo strips off to try it as well. Then Hugo and Martin begin to kiss, behind Tomas’ back. Then their attention turns to him. They now plan on taking more than his shirts.

Petr Cisler is hanging, by his feet, from the ceiling. He is also gagged and his wrists shackled. His balls are tied too. Petr is struggling to release himself as Petr Zuska arrives and begins to whip him. He walks around his captive and whips him making him moan. Then he spanks him too and pulls on his cock and balls. He lowers Petr C to the floor and then moves the clip from ankles to wrist so that he can be held by the wrist. As he is pulled pulled up we can see that Petr C enjoys the treatment, as his cock is rock hard. Will he enjoy the rest of his treatment?

WE have two fantastic straight guys, Tomas Salek & Martin Polnak in a raunchy sex scene. Tomas is blindfolded and wearing just his underwear as Martin kneels behind him, feeling over his body. Tomas turns his head and they kiss as Martin feels all over the sexy, hairy, chest. He pulls on Tomas’ nipples and slaps the sexy chest too. Reaching down he rubs Tomas cock through the underwear. Will duty end in ecstasy?

Studio: William Higgins
Duty Bound
Director: William Higgins


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Duty Bound 50



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