Duty Bound 51

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Duty Bound 51
Tomas Fuk has Dal Holan gagged and shacked, wearing only a jockstrap and wrapped in chains. He is moaning and trying to escape when Tomas comes in and begins to feel the hot body and grope the crotch. He takes his favorite electric probe and sparks it against Dan’s hot body. Each spark makes him jump and squirm. Tomas applies clothes pins to Dan’s nipples and another on his crotch. Then he removes the underwear to expose Dan’s cock and balls. He squeezes the balls and grabs at the cock. Then Tomas removes the gag from Dan’s mouth and he shoves his stiff dick in for sucking. He soon has Dan on his knees, bent over and showing his hairy ass. What he does next takes the action up a few notches.

What a great pairing we have in str8 guys Ondra Taryk and Tomas Salek. We join the two of them as they are fondling each other’s body and kissing. As they kiss they grope each other and Tomas opens Ondra’s jeans to release his stiff cock. He drops to his knees, kissing the taut belly and he takes that cock in his mouth as Ondra’s belt wraps around his neck. Ondra slaps Tomas’ face as the head bobs on his cock. Tomas takes the cock all the way into his mouth, sucking hard. Then Ondra removes his jeans and kneels to remove Tomas’ jeans too. These boys are ready to fuck.

Sexy str8 guy Erik Jarek is gagged and shackled to his bed. He is joined by handsome str8 guy Martin Dorcak who is wearing just his underwear. Martin lies on the bed kissing all over Erik’s hot chest, slapping it too. He opens Erik’s jeans and pulls them down to expose his cock. Martin takes hold of the cock and starts to suck on it. He sucks and wanks the cock as he continues kissing that hot body too. Sucking on the balls as well Martin gets Erik’s cock nice and hard as he works on it with his mouth. Removing the gag Martin shoves his own, massive, cock into Erik’s mouth for some sucking. Then he removes Erik’s jeans to have him completely naked. What they do next will have you cumming.

Studio: William Higgins
Duty Bound
Director: William Higgins


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Duty Bound 51



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