Elder Ingles Chapters 1-5

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Elder Ingles Chapters 1-5
Elder Ingles is tall, lean, and handsome. He hit puberty before the other boys his same age, making him stand out among his fellow missionary boys. His deep voice and hairy chest were the first clue of his early development, but the truest sign came when he first got naked with them.

Not only is he charming and friendly, but Elder Ingles sports a giant penis–that other boys can’t believe how big it is! He’s been self conscious of it all his life, constantly comparing it to others when he can. What would make others proud and bold has made him nervous and timid. The Brethren have heard the rumors and are eager to see what this young man has hidden beneath his garments.

Studio: Mormon Boyz


Elder Ingles Chapters 1-5



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