Ethan And Dalton

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Ethan And Dalton
Ethan Palmer needs an insurance appraisal on his piano but when he doesn’t have enough to pay Dalton Dawg he offers up his ass in exchange for the remaining balance. Ethan begins by getting on his knees and taking Dalton Hawg’s enormous fat cock into his mouth too suck. Dalton feeds the boy his cock and pushes his head down to make him suck on his balls too. Then he turns Ethan onto the sofa and slides his tongue up Ethan’s eager fuck hole. After a thorough rimming Dalton pushes his fat mushroom head into Eathan’s butt. As Ethan moans with delight Dalton continues to push until his cock is buried in the boy’s tight hole. Once loosened Dalton fucks and pounds his ass good and hard. Ethan then crawls up on daddy’s cock and starts riding. It is more than Daddy Hawg can take and as he pulls Ethan up and shoots his massive Hawg load everywhere. Ethen re-mounts and stokes a massive sticky load of his own. In the end it all cums out even.


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Ethan And Dalton



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