Ferdinan And Italo

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Ferdinan And Italo
Daddy Ferdinan wakes his sleeping boy to give him an early Christmas present. Italo opens the gift to discover his hairy man has given him a new dildo. Of course, they want to try out the new toy and the young man gets things started by sucking Ferdinan’s dick until it’s hard. Next, Daddy pulls the boy’s underwear down and gives him a blowjob. Then he bends his skinny and smooth boy toy over and slides in the plastic cock. Italo really enjoys the new anal toy, but would rather have some raw meat in his little ass. So, Ferdinan takes his little elf from behind and gives him a good long barebacking. The fucking continues when Ferdinan gets on all fours and takes some big uncut twink dick up his Latin ass. After Italo breeds his Daddy, he gets on his knees and sucks the cum out of Ferdinan.


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Ferdinan And Italo



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