Ferdynan And William

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Ferdynan And William
Ferdynan goes to William’s place to learn about photography, but soon decides he’d like to get in the boy’s pants. It doesn’t take much convincing and soon he’s got those pants off and licking William’s uncut dick. By the time both of these horny Latin twinks are naked and hard, Ferdynan is getting his big dick sucked. An ass licking exchange follows, before William gives up his little ass and Ferdynan slides in. The skinny and smooth couple fuck all over that bed until William cums on himself. Ferdynan pulls out and strokes his load onto the bottom, while William eats his own cum. Then Ferdynan licks up a gob of his seed and shares it in a salty kiss.
Studio: OTB Video


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Ferdynan And William



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