Fighters 2

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Fighters 2
The Fighters are back and the sexual fight resumes! A bookmaker will be the first to pay the price by wanting to blackmail the dark Ludwig who very angry submit the mafia like a bitch. The tension is at its height when Ludwig finds his friend Doryann moping in a crusing bar and gives him a lesson of Fight helped by Thiago making Doryann a garage dick in public. Then to prepare for the final fight, Ludwig will take a lesson from a master of Asian martial arts and sexual techniques, but Ludwig learns quickly and will master a good slut hitched at the tail. Ludwig is ready for the final fight but fate decides otherwise and Josh, his agent, furious to learn the accident of his colt will spend his nerves on Billy, a young fighter who joined the team Ridley Dovarez.
Studio: RidleyDovarez
Director: Ridley Dovarez


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Fighters 2



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