First Time Solos

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First Time Solos
Dillon likes adventure and the adrenaline rush of the feeling of almost getting caught- even if it’s just jerking off in the woods next to a road. So that’s what we did. We found a not-so-secluded place in the woods next to a road and had him whip his 8.5″ monster out to play with. It’s always fun looking at someone and thinking “I bet he has a huge cock”… and then having it be true. The best part about this is that he hadn’t got off in a week, and blew the biggest load he’s ever had. Enjoy!

Dylan is 5’9″, 185lbs with a big 9” cock. He loves playing with it, but loves playing with his ass just as much (maybe more). The only question is- will he top or bottom for his first time on camera with a guy?! After jerking his fat cock for while, he blew his 3-day load all over his abs… then fingered the cum back into his ass! Talk about holy shit… Stay tuned for much more of this stud!

“Stud” is the easiest way to describe Blake. He’s 5’8″ with ripped abs and muscles. Not to mention his amazing bubble butt. Here he shows it all off, including is nice cock and low hanging balls. We hit up the park in the morning, but before hitting the showers afterwards, he got comfortable on the stairs (as comfortable as one can, anyway) and jerked off for us. Blake’s hot with a nice body and great personality, so it will be difficult not to like him. And if you have a thing for underwear, you’ll love where he blows his load..

Say hello to Rod. He’s a 5’9″, 190lbs stud who obviously loves to workout. We hit the park early in the morning so he could get a good pump before hitting the showers and jerking off for us. He loves showing off, along with caressing his big biceps and pecs… and even bigger legs. He jerks off and plays with his low hangers before blowing his load all over the couch. Keep an eye out for more of Rod very soon!



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First Time Solos



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