First Time Straight Jerkers 7

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First Time Straight Jerkers 7
Paul Sparks: 23 year old blue collar country boy. You could tell he was nervous, but also eager to get naked and show his stuff. He’s wanted to get into porn for a long time, and was actually recommended to me by a photographer friend of mine. So with no time wasted he comes in gets nude and shows off his stuff. He came in straight from work so he smelled like a hard working man. As I film him from head to toe, we talk about how he is pretty much the freaky stud of his small town, and he has a few girls in tow. His latest girlfriend apparently fingered his butt and teased it with one of her sex toys, so he thinks he could be a pro and make some money. I wonder how he would feel about some actual cock up in his tight dirty manhole.

Benny Burton: A confident tall muscular tatted straight guy with size 15 feet. I met him at a straight shoot, and he was confident and full of stamina then, as well. No real nerves in his solo either. You can even see that he’s enjoying being watched and wants to put on a good show. He caresses his own thighs and thrusts up his ass when I go in for a close up as he strokes it on his back with his legs spread wide. A bit disheveled and sweaty coming in from the gym it didn’t stop him from giving a nice long wanking session. It was a pleasure to shoot this scene and even fun watching again in editing!

Ryan Rollin: Tall straight stud, I first met about 3 or 4 years ago. Right when he was developing his love of MILFs and thick women. He was shy about doing a solo back then, but now after meeting up with him again at a new straight shoot, he was way more confident and ready to make a little extra cash doing a solo. While he giggled when he had to put his legs up in the air. He seemed calmer when I told him I was getting more shots of his feet, which I did, but I also snuck in there to get a nice closeup of his manhole. Plus three more hot scenes!

Studio: FredSugar
Director: Fred Sugar


First Time Straight Jerkers 7



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