First Time Straight Jerkers 8

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First Time Straight Jerkers 8
Ryan Lancaster Hung bi guy with a mohawk. 30 years old, ex-military, open-minded and new to modeling, Ryan Lancaster first applied for a straight scene, but I didn’t have any available, so I brought him in for a solo. He had no problems showing off his hole jerking out a nice load for the camera.

Kevin Tritt Tall, big feet, natural bush, straight guy that I met on a straight shoot. Confident, friendly smile, decently firm build, hairy ass crack and a huge far shooting cumshot.

Tommy Black 20 year old, bearded and tattooed Tommy Black. He’s self-proclaimed bisexual, but I actually found him when he applied for a straight porn scene. Lot’s of tattoos, some of the very interesting. He basically said with a couple of them he was trolling a bit. Great personality, friendly super soft curly beard and friendly smile, hairy ass and open to lots of variety pornwise. We will have to see where this goes!

Michael Zephyr I met this 35 year old hairy chested, ex-marine, DILF at a straight porn scene. Flirting with everyone there, he was all about being the center of attention. He has lots of kinks, he also has a hypospadia, for those of you with that fetish (I know there are a few, I do read all my emails). Even though he was cocky, and confident, you could tell he was a bit nervous initially, but once he warmed up it was intense. I’ve never seen anyone orgasm for as long as him. He said that he had two orgasms back to back, which, would make since the amount of time cum was coming out of his dick. He’s one lucky guy!

James West The rough trade of this guy is where his hotness comes from for me. A open-minded straight guy, 31 years old. Tattoos, EVEN on his cock, sexy hair, bright blue eyes and a beard. Our chat was great, he’s really open and in touch with himself. Watching him stroke his nice sized cock was an added plus! Of course a well used popular “entertainment professional” like he is, his balls were not that full by the time he got around to my shoot.

Studio: FredSugar


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First Time Straight Jerkers 8



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