Fresh Graduate First Encounter 6

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Fresh Graduate First Encounter 6
So hanging out at Archer’s is always fun! He usually has some hot dude over he’s trying to hook me up with! Well I stopped by when Erik was hanging out chilling. I don’t get to see him much anymore. He’s Dating some chick now. But any way I hung out there and played video games. Erik was waiting around for his girl to show and he let me edge his dick with my throat till his pussy showed up! LOL. He was wanting me to build up a big load in his nuts that he could plant in her. Well I had an insane case of blue balls after that so I invited my favorite red head over to suck a load outa my dick! He was hesitant to be on camera sucking dick but I just gave him a little push and he did just fine! And my dick was all sloppy and my nuts were relieved!
Director: Rogan Hardy
Starring:Rogan Hardy


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Fresh Graduate First Encounter 6



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