Fresh Graduate First Encounter 7

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Fresh Graduate First Encounter 7
I was out late headed home from a party and didn’t feel like waiting in the cold for a train. So I did what everybody does and I got an Uber. I always see these videos online of these hot ass dudes hookin up with their Uber drivers. And I’m always thinking “Where are these sexy ass Uber drivers at?” So I blew them off as staged but busted a nut to it any way. I’ve never had a hot Uber driver till this night. So I get in and I immediately notice this dudes smile and that sexy, smirky, sneer it had to it. He was super friendly and kinda talked too much but he was sexy so I didn’t care. We got in conversation pretty deep tho. After a minute I noticed we had been driving a while and I said “dude are we goin in circles?” And he laughed and said “Yea my bad I was just geekin cause you have some sexy ass lips and and I’m diggin you.”
Director: Rogan Hardy
Starring:Rogan Hardy


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Fresh Graduate First Encounter 7



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