Fuck Feast 31

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Fuck Feast 31
Hugo Antonin and Boda Gold are a pair of very sexy str8 guys. In this scene we find Hugo taking a shower and then he steps out and begins to towel himself dry. He spends some time in front of the mirror, tweaking his hair and then he goes in the living room to join Boda. Boda is playing a game on his phone as Hugo starts to rub his friends chest. He leans over and kisses Boda as he reaches to grope him. They stand and continue to kiss as Boda reaches for Hugo’s cock and starts to wank it. Two hot straight guys, Jan Bavor and Ondra Black are up for some great sex. Ondra wakes Jan and begins kissing him. As they kiss Ondra opens Jan’s shorts and feel inside them. The shorts are pushed down and Ondra releases Jan’s cock from the underwear. Sexy straight guys Nikola Donoval and Igor Tapak are enjoying some volleyball, with a couple of friends. Then Igor and Nikola leave the others and go off to take a shower. As they wash and chat Igor leans forward and begins to kiss Nikola. Leaving the shower they move into the barn and Nikola is soon on his knees sucking on Igor’s cock. Plus one more hot scene.
Studio: William Higgins
Fuck Feast
Director: William Higgins


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Fuck Feast 31



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