Fuck Feast 35

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Fuck Feast 35
Honza Onus is asleep when Filip Vacek joins him on the bed. Honza is quickly awake and kissing Filip who uncovers his friend and starts to feel his body. He releases Honza’s cock from his underwear and sees that it is already hard. Filip starts sucking on the hard cock, helping remove the
underwear too. Then Filip’s tee shirt is removed too as he returns to sucking on Honza’s hard cock. After kissing again Filip removes his jeans, revealing his own stiff cock. He moves onto his knees as Honza goes down on that cock. His mouth works the throbbing cock, taking time out to kiss Filip again. Then Honza sits and leans back as Filip straddles him and slides his sexy ass down on
the rock hard cock. They both moan with pleasure as Filip’s ass slides up and down on the fat cock. Then Honza fucks his cock up into the eager hole, stretching it wide. Filip takes over again, bouncing on the throbbing cock. Then he moves, bending over, with Filip behind him, for more deep and hard fucking of his hot ass. Filip turns over, onto his back and Honza’s cock returns to fucking him. He pounds that hot ass as Filip wanks himself. Very quickly Filip dumps his hot, creamy, load all over himself as Honza keeps fucking him. Then Honza pulls out of that sexy ass and shoots his creamy cum over Filip too before leaning over to kiss him again. Plus two more hot scenes!
Studio: William Higgins
Fuck Feast
Director: William Higgins


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Fuck Feast 35



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