Fuck Me Straight Boy

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Fuck Me Straight Boy
I love watching these two hot fucks go at it. Hunter and I have had sex with each of them separately several times and it’s always super hot fun. Riley is really in-tune with sexually pleasing others; he’s a true artist in the sack and sex with him always leads to the most amazing orgasms for everyone involved. Dax just exudes that straight/bi-guy vibe that drives us all crazy with his cute laugh, sexy smile, horse cock and lean tatted-up body. We had a lot of fun doing this one and at one point I got close up to get the shot and Dax reached up, unzipped my fly, and took my cock out and started sucking it as Riley ate his ass. Woof! I also left out something some porn producers might have edited out, but I thought it would be hot and honest to leave it in.


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Fuck Me Straight Boy



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