Fuck Me With Passion

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Fuck Me With Passion
When Lex Ryan comes home, he starts picking on his lover Dustin Steele for wearing camouflage shorts. They waste no time before kissing each other and getting undressed. Aston
Springs is showing Sean Duran the new photographs he purchased. Sean says he would rather see Aston’s ass over them. He pulls down his pants and starts eating his partner’s beautiful ass. Bryce Evans & Rod Peterson have just finished their workout and are about to hit the
showers. They are both pumped and showing off their muscles to each other when Bryce says they should spice up their relationship. He puts on the charm and soon both are embraced kissing and groping each other. Ray Diesel & Rego Bello are in the locker room discussing the ass of Julian Knowles. Once he gets there, they start checking him out and he turns to show them his big bubble ass. Ray and Rego immediately start making out and groping Julian who is
in heaven between these two beautiful men.
Director: Gio Caruso


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Fuck Me With Passion



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