Garrett Cooper

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Garrett Cooper
Garrett Cooper is a young college boy out on a run in tiny jogging shorts when he’s knocked out and bolted to a punishment table in our dungeon. He squeals as he’s beat with a riding crop on his body and cock. Then, his entire body is bound in tight rope with only his big cock hanging free. Soon, Garrett is bound to an armchair with his legs spread wide as muscle-stud Jared fucks his puckering asshole with a foot-long, rigid dildo, then jerks him off. Despite the agony, Garret busts a massive load of cum over the top-half of his cock. Then, Garrett is bound standing, naked and hooded, his arms stretched along a horizontal beam. A few strokes from Jared and Garrett’s big cock is rock-hard again. “I think you like this,” Jared sneers, before whipping Garrett’s chest, abs and back with a flogger. “Please! I’ll do anything! I’ll suck your cock!” Garrett begs. Jared laughs: “You’re gonna do that anyway, boy.” Then, Garrett hears the whir of an electric winch and 30 seconds later he is crucified – But with a twist: The vertical beam of the cross has a narrow seat on which he can lower himself onto, greatly reducing the strain on his arms and chest, but that seat has a huge, hard-rubber, dildo mounted to it. “This is barbaric!” Garrett yells. As the agony of the cross intensifies, he slowly sinks down on the dildo, screaming as he’s penetrated by the fuck cross. Then, Garrett must fuck himself again as he’s pulled down onto onto a steel post by a rope tied to his cock and balls. He’s then made to jerk off while fucked on this “boi-seat,” pumping out another massive load of cum.
Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Starring:Garrett Cooper


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Garrett Cooper



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