Graydon Emory Ford And Anthony Ginello

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Graydon Emory Ford And Anthony Ginello
Ready to see a scene with a big ginger bear and bearish silver daddy eating big bare bear asses? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

The muscular salt and pepper silver daddy (Anthony Ginello) arrives on the scene his baseball cap, jockstrap and leather harness, and the big strong bear (Graydon Emory Ford) in his muscle shirt, and necklace (which looks like an adorable collar on the big sexy bear.) This big ginger bear (also sporting some seasoned silver in his mane) is just Anthony’s type, and the two kiss passionately, wrapped in each other’s big manly arms, the ginger bear (Graydon) going for the chest, flicking Anthony’s nipples with his big paws, as they make out. Graydon’s hands paw at Anthony’s plump shapely ass (nicely rounded in his jockstrap), grabbing it firmly, waiting to get a taste of it, and get inside of it.

Anthony gets his taste of Graydon first, sucking on the big bear’s thick juicy cock, then gets the bear daddy on his back and eats away at his big ass. The big bear’s big firm cheeks (like big slabs of beef) spread, Anthony laps his tongue at Graydon’s tight pink hole (Gradon’s massive balls hanging above Anthony’s head, full of cum, waiting to be released, as Anthony feasts on the big bear’s bottom.)

Graydon gets down on Anthony’s thick cock, and sucks hungrily, like the big hungry bear he is, making it all wet and juicy with his mouth (Anthony’s large balls jiggle as Gradon sucks him off.) Anthony gets another go at eating Graydon’s big bear ass again (he just loves it) before Graydon puts Anthony in his place (on his back) and wets his hungry hole with his mouth and tongue (like a lapping at a budding rose), which contracts in pleasure at the feel of his tongue and lips. Anthony reclines and groans at the feel of this big ginger bear eating his ass, hungrily.


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Graydon Emory Ford And Anthony Ginello



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