Greg Loves That Big Dick Inside Him

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Greg Loves That Big Dick Inside Him
Greg returns and gets another hard fucking this week, but this time it’s Sammy K that does the honours! This is Sammy’s first time topping a guy on film and he’s certainly quite good at it – his thick hard dick and red bush of pubic hair look great in and around a nice tight ass 😉 And Greg sure had a fun time too – feeling Sammy’s uncut cock deep in his throat and ass soon had him making all kinds of weird and wonderful noises!

So with the short intro out the way Greg and Sammy kiss with a sheer passion and desire for one another as they pull themselves out of their clothes. Greg’s boxers can hardly contain his strong boner, and Sammy spots this and wastes no time in getting it out and sucking it hard! Greg then stands to do a bit of face fucking, and then they fall in to a hot 69 session… these boys are hungry for cock 🙂

From the 69 they break to do a bit more solo cock sucking before Sammy takes charge and gets Greg to the edge of the bed where he pushes his cock deep in to his ass. He takes no time to build up speed and Greg is soon moaning at the pleasure of having Sammy’s dick thrusting deep inside him. Greg gets pushed onto his front, then on his back, each time the fucking stays hard and fast, then works his way on top where he bounces away until he shoots a nice big load all over Sammy 😉

Director: Blake Mason


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Greg Loves That Big Dick Inside Him



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