Hot Ass 24

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Hot Ass 24
Stra8 guy Adam Nezval is laying on the bed groping himself in his underwear and then pulling his cock out and wanking it. His cock is rock hard in his hand as he pulls the foresking back and forth over the big cockhead. His hot body looks great as he wanks and then removes his underwear. With his legs wide apart he rubs his balls and continues to wank. With his legs so wide apart we can see
Adam’s ass crack. Then he raises his legs into the air and shows off his hot hole. He reaches for the hole and rubs his fingers over it. He gently probes the hole with a finger as a helping hand arrives. The hands rub over that hot ass and pull on the hole. Then oil is dripped onto Adam’s ass and rubbed all over. Fingers rub over the hole as Adam continues to rub his balls and pull on his cock.
Then a finger slips into the hole and goes in all the way. That finger fucks the tight hole nice and deep, then comes out again. It slides all the way in again and fucks the hole again. Swapping hands another finger opens the hole as it slides deep inside. Then two fingers push into the hole, stretching it even further. Both fingers goes deep inside and begin to fuck Adam’s tight hole. He turns over and onto his knees, with that sexy ass high in the air. More oil is applied and the two fingers slide back inside. They fuck in and out and are then replaced by a dildo. His ass gets fucked with deep strokes by the dildo. When it comes out the hole stays open a little. More oil is dripped onto the
hole and the dildo works its’ way back inside. The dildo keeps up the fucking, pulling out to the show the hole from time to time. Then Adam lays on his back and goes back to wanking that big cock. He keeps wanking himself and rubbing his balls until he dumps his hot cum onto his belly.
Plus two more hot scenes!
Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins


Hot Ass 24



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