Hungry Boy Holes Love Big Toys

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Hungry Boy Holes Love Big Toys
When a boy gets horny, he needs to find a way to shoot his big hot messy load all over the place, and what better way to help him cum big than to play with toys! Billy loves a dildo to be as big as he is or just a bit larger, and so does Varg! Watch to see just how large of a toy they will shove up their wet dripping boy holes in each of their masturbation sessions. The ass of Wyatt screams for big dildos to be shoved up his hole as he begs for really big cocks, and when he can’t find a real cock the hot-ass Jizzy takes a glass-ribbed toy to Wyatt’s hole until he has to explode all over! The sexy hot straight boy Adam finds out what vibrating toys do when they start to excite him in all the right ways! The stud Zack Randall knows how to add some excitement to a good ‘ole jack-off session: By being blindfolded and using toys to make himself cum more!
Director: Zack Randall


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Hungry Boy Holes Love Big Toys



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